Polish Archaeological Activity in Southern Jordan

ICAANE 13 & our presentations

Researchers involved in the HLC Project, presented a series of papers on research in Jordan on ICAANE13. In the second half of May this year, a group of IA UJ employees, thanks to the support of the Mare Nostrum Lab project, took an active part in an important scientific event – ICAANE13 (International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East), i.e. the 13th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East. The congress was held this time in Copenhagen.

Exhibition: Let’s exchange the landscape. Trying to understand environmental differences for better understanding of the culture.

The exhibition follows on from a project that aimed to better characterise the environmental processes that took place in the early and middle Holocene in southern Jordan and southern Poland.

This provides a better understanding of the dynamics of cultural phenomena that are discernible during this period in these areas. To this end, members of the team took part in study trips, during which lectures were held to illustrate the cultural situation against the background of environmental changes in these areas. During these discussions, comparisons were also made between the most important environmental factors influencing cultural phenomena, such as landforms, soil cover, available raw materials, the state and changes of the climate, the hydrological network and flora and fauna. The team members exchanged experiences in the study of environmental processes and contexts, and reconstructions of the impact of natural conditions on Neolithic, Aeneolithic/Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age communities operating at the two sites.

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